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How to Tape Big Boobs for Comfort and Confidence

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To slay in an outfit, you need to be comfortable and confident. There are many times in your life when you felt attracted to a certain top or dress but you kept it back on the rack because you do not have the right bra for the dress.

However, nowadays, there are plenty of tricks available for wearing undergarments that avoid uncomfortable mishaps. 

A  plunge bra can do wonders for some dresses, and a strapless bra comes in handy often but nothing can make you look good without distracting your outfit-like boob tape.

It is essentially an adhesive fabric that you can use in a variety of ways to keep your breasts apart or push together.

So, if you are interested to acquire more knowledge about boob tape then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to put together what is a boob tape, why taping matters, how to choose the right tape for you, how to tape big boobs,  and taping do’s and don’ts. 

So, let’s dive into the deep!

What is a Boob Tape?

How to Tape Big Boobs

A boob tape is a strong, and flexible fabric that you can use for adhering to your skin safely. There are very sticky sides on boob tape.

It looks like a medicinal bandage and the material of boob tape is typically medical-grade. Further, the material is breathable, moisture-resistant, and hypoallergenic. 

You can find some options that are latex-free if you have sensitive skin. Boob tape helps you to shape and contour your breasts and also holds them in place.

Women use this boob tape when they can not wear a traditional bra because the bra would show underneath the garment. A boob tape offers nipple coverage and creates cleavage and holds it in the exact position. 

Boob tapes come in a variety of styles, designs, and pre-cut strips; so you can easily get the right product for you.

Why Taping Matters:

When it comes to elevating comfort and empowering women, there are various available products to help women get the right fashion statement.

Boob tape is one of them. Nowadays, boob tape has stormed the market with its great functionality.

Here, I am going to discuss the importance of opting boob tape.

Boob tapes are accommodating:

These are professionally designed tapes made for human skin and are very reliable. These boob tapes are also accommodating for any type of dress or design of clothes.

You can not wear bras with every cloth. Also, bras conceal the appearance of cleavage most of the time. This is not the case for boob tapes. 

These boob tapes allow you to hold your breasts in place firmly in any position you want them to be. You will not get this covering from any other breast-covering products. 

Boob Tapes are comfortable:

Boob tapes are super comfortable to wear. If you go forward with wearing the boob tape, they won’t deprive your breasts of the joy of bouncing while you will be taking any elegant step on the catwalk.

How to tape boobs that depends on how much they will bounce. moreover, your breasts and chest will not feel caved in which may cause aches. 

Since you will only tape the needed part, you will not get any pain in your chest area. There is no attached clip that will make your shoulder hurt while you will try to keep your boobs as close as they can be.

No Considerations about sizes:

Another good thing about boob tape is that you do not have to worry about sizes. You do not recall your cup size and band size while shopping for boob tape.

Once you purchase boob tapes, you can use it without worrying about your shape and size.

They stay hidden:

Sometimes, it is annoying you manage to wear a dress that covers up the bra. The straps of your be can keep peeking from the underneath of your dress.

But with boob tapes, you can adequately manage the quality of the tape you are going to use underneath your dress. So, you can control which parts of your breasts show and which parts do not. 

There are no such products that empower women to control which parts they want to show and which parts they don’t want.

With using the right boob tape you can show as much as cleavage you want to show while holding your breasts in place. 

How to Choose the Right Boob Tape for You:

How to Tape Big Boobs

While you go forward to shop for the right boob tape for you, you must consider the following factors. These include:


It is important to pick an adhesive strength that perfectly suits you and fulfils your demand. You must choose a boob tape that has adhesive strength and personalize the boob tape to work for you. 

Usually, there is an option for strong adhesion that holds your boobs perfectly while comfortable too. I recommend using this boob tape for round, ball-shaped, or heavier breasts. 

there is also another option that is extreme adhesion, it offers more hold and is perfect for women who have heavy and oily boobs. 


Generally, it is the easiest factor to consider. You only need to remember the cup size and your band size.

Also, you can opt for straight boob tapes that go perfectly with every size and shape.

But the styling of this type of boob tape may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

How to Tape Big Boobs:

How to tape boobs may vary depending on the style. However, the process is the same for all.

Here, I am sharing my experience of step-by-step guiding:

Step 1: Patch Test:

You need to place a small square of boob tape on your skin for a few hours a few days before your big event. Then you need to check if any irritation occurs on your skin after removing the tape from your skin.

If you have sensitive skin then you must pick the boob tape that is made from cotton Spandex, hypoallergenic, latex-free, medical grade, and sensitive skin approved. 

Step 2: Prepare Your skin:

You must clean your skin before applying boob tape, also make sure your skin is dry. Also ensure that your skin is cream, dust, and powder-free.

All of these can prevent proper adhesion that may lead to wardrobe malfunction. 

If any product or residue is on your skin then you can use a little alcohol to clean your skin well.

Step 3: Plot:

If you are a beginner to applying a boob tape then I strongly recommend plotting out your way. You can use a lip liner to draw the path of the outfit on your body.

Thus you can know very well where your tape edges should stop.

Step 4: Cut Your Tape:

You need to measure perfectly and then cut.

So, you should measure again and again and cut once. You need to measure carefully what is your required amount.

You can use a fabric measuring tape to measure the amount and then cut accordingly.

Step 5: Apply and Press:

Gently apply the boob tape starting from underneath your bust and pull upward. Thus you can enhance a lifting effect.

Then press the boob tape firmly and wait for a few seconds so it can get some more time to properly adhere to your skin. 

If you are a beginner, I suggest you should not wait for the day of the event to test your taping skills. You should practice it before the day of the event. 

Taping do’s and don’ts:


  • You need to clean your skin before applying boob tape to it.
  • you need to clean your skin before taping
  • make sure your skin is dry
  • make a patch test before taping
  • You can use nipple covers
  • Stretch your body prt
  • Round the corners of each strip
  • Peel it off slowly
  • Use boob tape remover for removing it


  • Do not apply any oil, moisturizer, powder, or cream on your skin before taping
  • Do not stretch your tape’s anchors
  • Do not wear it for more than 7 hours
  • Do not follow ripping off a band-aid method while removing the tape


How to tape boobs for the backless dress?

Ans: For a backless dress, your side boob is not an issue. You need to simply press down and run the boob tape under your busts and then up over your shoulder. Then you can use two more strips and repeat this step. You will need to create a triangle shape basically.

How to tape boobs for the strapless dress?

Ans: For a strapless dress, you need to lift your busts and place one end of the boob tape on the outer edge underneath your breasts. You need to apply the crisis cross-method and pull the tape diagonally across to the other side of your breasts. While complete, repeat this method on another breast.

Is it safe to use boob tape every day?

Ans: Although boob tapes are great, you should avoid wearing them every day. boob tapes can damage to your skin. But if there is any special event where you want to wear an intricate dress, you can try one of the most effective boob tapes.

Is it safe to tape your nipples?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe to tape your nipples, but you should not use it every day. If you want to prevent your nipples from getting too chaffed then you can try small pieces of kinesiology tape.


Boob tape exactly does the job that you think it does. Boob tapes are very supportive and accommodating for any outfit and offer hidden advantages and breast lifting.

Boob tapes help your boobs to stay in place when you do not want to wear a bra. Boob tapes are also effective to cover your nipples when you wear something see-through, sheer, or ultra-fitted. 

Here, in this article, I have wrapped together every aspect of boob tape including how to tape big boobs. So, just go through this guide and get more information about it.

Hope, this article will help you to avail the advantage of using boob tapes and elevating your style with any outfit!

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