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Healing In Style: 7 Best Post Surgery Bras UK Picks

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If you or your loved one has undergone an invasive breast cancer surgery, you have a deep knowledge of post-surgical bra options.

A lumpectomy or mastectomy is an emotional and life-changing procedure for any woman. So, it would help if you shopped for a post-surgical bra option that should not be stressful. 

it is very important to choose a bra that provides comfort and support to your breast. during the recovery phase, the area of surgery and the remaining natural breasts both become sore and swollen.

So, you must require a bra that helps in your healing phase. Well, if you are looking for post-surgery bra options then you are on the right path.

Here, in this article, I will put together what is post-surgery bra, the features to look in a post-surgery bra, the top 7 brands of post-surgery bra UK, and post-surgery bra shopping tips.

Let’s dive into the deep!

Understanding Post-surgery bras

What is post post-surgery bra?

A post-surgery bra is a type of bra that doctors recommend if you have just undergone an invasive breast cancer. The post-surgery bra comes with some special features to provide you with much comfort during the healing phase.

This undergarment is specially designed to help improve healing and minimize swelling. Post-surgery bras come with bra pockets and they are made from quality material. A post-surgery bra will not be irritable to your skin.

Benefits of Wearing post surgery bra

  • It is vital to wear a post-surgery bra just immediately after breast surgery.
  • A post-surgery bra offers support, comfort, and compression to initiate the healing process
  • To minimize the appearance of incision, many doctors recommend wearing a post-surgery bra
  • A post-surgical bra can help alleviate some of the tissue, so faster recovery takes place.
  • Post-surgery bras with integrated drain pouches are effective in managing drainage tubes and bags for mastectomy patients.

Types of Surgeries that require post-surgery bras

A post-surgical bra can be effective for numerous patients who have recently undergone breast surgery.

Indeed, recovery from breast surgery is difficult for everyone, and various patients face some common issues such as swelling, pain, and discomfort.

Here, I will mention the types of surgeries that require post-surgery bras for faster recovery :

1. Mastectomy and Lumpectomy

Mastectomy is a breast surgery where all the breast tissues are removed. on the other hand, the lumpectomy only removes the cancerous tissues from the breast.

Both surgeries require the removal of lymph nodes. it can lead to vital post-surgical complications and lymphedema. 

here comes a post-surgery bra to reduce the risk of post-surgical swelling and lymphedema. The surgical bra applies the targeted pressure on the arm and chest area.

So, it helps to move away the fluid from the wound site and get back into the body. 

This bra also helps to support the breast tissue because the tissue becomes tender and sore after the breast surgery. 

2. Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is another breast surgery that takes place after a mastectomy surgery.

Breast reconstruction is a breast surgery that is to rebuild the shape and appearance of the breast after mastectomy surgery.

A compression bra with adjustable straps and front closure is an ideal piece for breast reconstruction surgery. 

This bra offers the necessary comfort and support that initiate the healing phase. At the same time, it’s very easy to put on and take off. Most of the women experience a limited amount of upper body movement following a breast reconstruction surgery.

The front closure ensures that the bra will not disrupt the wounded area, and it is ideal for avoiding rednesses. The adjustable straps allow you to customize the bra size to some extent to ensure that you are well-supported. A post-surgery bra helps minimize the pull on scar tissue.

3. Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is one of the major breast surgeries to reduce the size and weight of breasts. It carries a significant risk of scarring.

A post-surgical bra with a compression belt helps in reducing the collagen build-up as the scars heal. Also, a post-surgical bra makes the breasts softer and easier to manage.

4. Beast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular breast surgery that can help women to achieve their desired look. Breast implant surgery is relatively straightforward and takes a few more weeks to heal.

A compression bra is ideal to keep the implants in place by reducing the movement of the implants. Also, compression helps reduce bruising.

A compression bra is very important because it minimizes the risk of implant dislocation. It also helps remove strains in the stitches and speeding up the recovery process. 

Features to Look In a Post-Surgery Bra

Choosing the right post-surgical bra can be a little challenging. It is hard to know what features you will require following surgery. So, here, I will put together a few of the things you must look for when choosing a post-surgery bra.

Front fastening and Front Adjustable

After a resat surgery, women often experience stiffness in the arms and shoulders. So, after surgery, it’s difficult for women to adjust a bra in the back.

Also, your healthcare provider will regularly check the wound, so it is better to go forward with a front-fastening bra. 

If you choose a front-fastening bra, putting on and taking off the bra will be much easier. Another thing you need to consider while choosing a post-surgery bra is your bra should be highly adjustable.

As a result of the surgery, your breast may experience swelling, so you should look for a front adjustable bra. You can easily loosen or tighten the bra according to the comfort and support you want. 

No seams, No Wires, and No Tags

Following surgery, you will experience a bit of soreness and tenderness. Some women experience nerve pain, which will settle down over time.

So, you must look for a bra that will not irritate, rub, or dig into your skin. So, it is good to choose a ra that is without seams, tags, and wires.

Antibacterial Fabric

Following surgery, your healthcare team will recommend you to wear a post-surgery bra that offers comfort and support 24/7 for up to six weeks.

So, you need to wear this clothing piece for the whole day and night just next to your skin. Moreover, if you are suffering from hot flushes, there are probable chances to grow up bacteria, and infection. 

There are some bras out in the market that come with antibacterial fabric such as bamboo. These bras will reduce the chances of the growth of bacteria.

So, you must look for a bra that is made of quality material. This means it will stay fresh for the whole day, and no need to wash it frequently. 


If you are suffering from breast cancer, you must look for a bra that will absorb all the precipitation well. You can experience flushes from chemotherapy, or you may have irritated, or broken skin after radiotherapy. 

Various post-surgery bras are made from synthetic material, they are good at wicking moisture away from the skin.

However, these bras are not good absorbent. So, you must look for a post-surgery bra that comes with good absorbency features.

A Band That Will not Interfere With the Drain

After breast surgery, you may likely have one or more drains in place to drain out fluids from the wounds. Your bra mustn’t interfere with the drains.

So, you must look for a surgical bra that is designed with this keeping in mind. 

You must look for a bra that has a longer band and not overly tight and must be softer. The band must be designed not to ding in or roll up because it can cause discomfort and compress your drainage tubes.

Top 7 Post-Surgery Bra in the UK:

1. Flexifit Lace non-wired Post Surgery Bra

Flexifit Lace non-wired Post Surgery Bra
Image- M&S

This is one of the best post-surgery bras that comes with an extra feminine look.

The design of the bra is ideal for both single and double mastectomy. Its cups are non-wired and this clothing piece comes with an internal cotton pocket to hold a prosthesis. 

Also, it is made from antibacterial material and super soft trims ensure the most comfortable;e feel. It is complete with adjustable hooks and eye fastening.

There is a great range of modern styles and dealing, so just pick the right one as you desire.


  • Post-surgery bra
  • Made from soft, breathable, and lightweight foam perfect against delicate scar tissue
  • Moves with you or all-day comfort
  • Composition: 42% polyamide, 29% polyester, 15% elastane, and 14% cotton

Price: 22 Pounds

Availability: It is available on

2. M&S Body Soft Non-Wired Post Surgery Bra

M&S Body Soft Non-Wired Post Surgery Bra
Image- M&S

M&S Body Soft post-surgery bra is a luxurious soft bra that comes with a combination of comfort and femininity.

This bra provides fuller coverage to your breast just after surgery. It offers great comfort and support for the whole day long. 

The lace of the bar piece will add a delicate touch to your skin, moreover, the brand has invested a lot in designing this bra piece to make you feel comfortable.

This bra is made from good quality material, so it won’t rub, irritate, or redness. 


  • Hook and eye fastening
  • Post-surgery bra
  • Non-wired
  • Made from soft, breathable, and lightweight foam to provide you with maximum comfort and support
  • Composition: 59% polyamide, 19% polyester, 12% elastane, and 10% cotton

Price: 7.50 Pounds

Availability: It is available on

3. Frugue Women’s Post-Surgery Bra With Pockets posture Support corrector

Frugue Women's Post-Surgery Bra With Pockets posture Support corrector
Image- Amazon UK

Frugu Women’s post-surgery bra is particularly designed for mastectomy, and breast cancer surgeries. This is one of the best post-surgery bra brands available in the UK.

This bra is made from 80% natural cotton material, so it allows your skin to breathe naturally. This bra piece is designed in such a way that provides the maximum comfort and support during the healing phase.

Super soft and comfortable fabric offers excellent compressions, which control swelling. Also, the lace will not irritate your skin, or dig into the shoulder or arm area.

It has smooth-fit underarms, which makes this piece ideal for breast augmentation surgery. 


  • This bra is ideal for post-augmentation breast surgery
  • Made from 80% breathable cotton fabric
  • The bra contains hidden pockets for mastectomy breast foams and post-surgical breast foams.
  • Composition: 80% cotton, 10% polyamide, and 10% ELASTANE

Price: 35.99 pounds

Available On: It is available on

4. MACOM Signature Post Surgical Bra-Front Fastening

MACOM Signature Post Surgical Bra-Front Fastening
Image- Amazon UK

MACOm Signature bra is one of the best front-fastening post-surgical bras in the UK.

So, if your doctor has suggested looking for a front-fastening surgical bra, just go for this brand. This bra piece comes with expandable cups, so you can easily mold it to your new bra size. 

Another best feature is front fastening helps you with easy wear and mobility. Whenever your healthcare provider comes to check the wound, you can easily take it off.

The adjustable straps and eye hooks help you adjust this bra piece according to swelling and bloating.


  • A front fastening surgical bra
  • Adjustable straps and eye hooks
  • Made with breathable fabric so makes you feel comfortable and breathable for the whole day and night
  • Outward-facing seams help you feel comfortable because the seams won’t rub to your incision
  • Composition: 90.4% Polyamide, 9.6% Elastane

Price: 39.90 Pounds

Availability: It is available on

5. LIPOELASTIC PI Extra Variant Post Surgery Compression Bra

LIPOELASTIC PI Extra Variant Post Surgery Compression Bra
Image- Amazon UK

This post-surgical bra is designed with varying levels of compression to prevent swelling and control blood circulation. Also, it helps reduce the build-up of fluid.

This is an ideal bra option for various breast surgeries including mastectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and more. It minimizes post-operative swelling and discomfort.

The bra is not only designed to offer the best comfort and support to the patients but is also necessary for compression therapy.

As this is a medical compression garment, the sizing of this bra piece will differ from the regular ones. It is made from pleasant material, which offers you the best comfort and relaxation. 


  • Heat-molded seamless cups won’t make you feel discomfort
  • A lower decolletage suitable for smaller implants
  • The front zipper helps you easier put on and take off
  • Prevents breast asymmetry post-breast surgery
  • Composition: It’s made from breathable material, 83% polyamide,  and 17% Elastane

Price: 39.99 Pounds

Availability: It is available on

6. Jengo post-surgery Bra

Jengo post-surgery Bra
Image- Amazon UK

Jengo post-surgery bra is one of the classy post-surgery bra pieces that are ideal for breast augmentation, and mastectomy surgeries.

It comes with a range of helpful features that you may be looking for in a post-surgical bra. It comes with a nondetachable strap type which makes you comfortable and keeps your breast in place.

 The front fastening feature helps you to make it easier to put on and take off.

The bra piece is made from quality fabric material, so it would not hurt, or redness, or itching. You just love the wearing of this bra item. It initiates the healing procedure and prevents swelling.


  • Best post-surgery bra and is ideal for breast augmentation, and mastectomy surgeries
  • Wire-free
  • Nondetachable staps
  • Mae from breathable fabric material
  • Front closer helps faster putting on and taking off
  • Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% Elastane

Price: 17.99 Pounds

Availability: It is available on

7. M&S Post Surgery Bra Extra impact bra

M&S Post Surgery Bra Extra impact bra
Image- M&S

This post-surgery bra is designed for speedy recovery from breast surgery. If you are a gym lover, this ra will help you in performing high-impact sports such as jogging and jumping after healing from the breast surgery.

This bra piece is made from high-quality fabric material. It is designed in such a way that it offers the best support and comfort to your breast during the healing phase.

Non-wired style and non-padded feature provides you with a smooth finish. There is a hidden pocket to hold a prosthesis. It comes with a front zip and a high back.

So, just pick this piece and initiate your healing phase with style.


  • Best post-surgery bra
  • Mae from breathable, and lightweight foams to offer maximum comfort
  • Front fastening
  • Non-padded
  • Composition: 79% Polyester, 15% Elastane, and 6% cotton

Price: 25.00 pounds

Availability: It is available on

Post-Surgery Bra Shopping Tips

Various bra brands manufacture and sell post-surgical bras both online and offline. It is good to know the perfect sizing of your desired bra before going forward with shopping for it.

If it is possible for you then I recommend looking for outlets offline at first. There is an advantage of shopping offline is that you can try the bra piece and if you find anything wrong with that, immediately you can alter it with a new one.

If you can’t go shopping offline then you can search for online shopping. Various brands have selling websites or online marketplaces where you can look for the desired piece.

Some websites include,, and more.

Various online brands have easy return policies, so you can easily return the piece if anything goes wrong. Before purchasing any product, you can check online ratings and reviews of the brand. It will ensure brand recognition and customer loyalty. 


What is the purpose of a post-surgery bra?

Ans: Wearing a post-surgery bra helps the patient speed recovery from undergoing breast surgery. A post-surgery bra provides the best comfort and support to the breasts. You need to wear the bra as directed by your healthcare providers. To remove the incision scars, many doctors recommend wearing a compression bra and belt for at least 6 weeks following the surgery.

When should I Start wearing a post-surgery bra?

Ans: Keeping patience is vital especially when you have undergone breast surgery. In most cases, doctors recommend the patients to go braless for up to six weeks. After that, they can wear a post-surgery bra as directed by the doctors. So, you need to act as directed by your doctor.

Can I sleep in a post-surgery bra?

Ans: You need to wear a supportive bra when you sleep. AQ supportive bra will help you to hold your breasts in place, reduce swelling, and enhance your overall recovery. You can also take a warm shower in the evening for a great sleep.


Well, breast surgery aftercare is very important as choosing the right surgeon and type of breast surgery. It also ensures how fast you will recover from the surgery. One of the most important things that you need to consider during the aftercare stage is choosing the right post-surgery bra.

here, I have provided every detail of the post-surgery bra, so you can go through my article. I have also provided a list of the 10 best post-surgery bras UK, you can choose the right one from my list. A good post-surgery bra helps you heal more quickly and feel more comfortable. Make you feel comfortable and well-supported with the right post-surgery bra!

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