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7 Best Plus Size Sports Bra for Comfort and Support 2024

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When it comes to fitness and women, a perfect plus-size sports bra can make all the difference in the world. We have scorched the internet upside down to bring you our exclusively curated list of top plus-size sports bras in the UK.  

All the bras that we have bought you are suitable for your curvy figure, you will never see big boobs as a headache again when going to the gym. 

What is a plus-size sports bra?

The plus-size sports bra are designed for people who have fuller figures with larger bust sizes which makes extensive and fast movement difficult as it can be uncomfortable and may hurt the soft tissue of the breasts. 

They are different from regular bras because a plus size sports bra is specifically designed to accommodate larger breasts and keep a firmer grip over your chest while performing high-intensity movements such as sports, running, yoga, gymnastics, and more. 

Why do you need a plus-size sports bra?

There are several reasons why you must wear a plus size sports BRA, the first one is for the added convenience, comfort, and support it provides to your chest region when you are performing sports. 

They help you reduce restrain of the ligaments and tissue that is responsible for supporting your breasts during high-impact training.

When you are losing weight it’s important to include cardio such as running for fast results and some of the plus size sports bra are included for running purposes. 

Benefits of using a plus size sports Bra 

Using a plus sports bra comes with immense benefits such as enhanced performance in your sports, you don’t need to be mindful of your movements and you can focus on your training. 

A plus-size sports bra helps you with the prevention of potential health hazards in the long term such as sagging breasts, pain in the shoulder and muscles of the back, and chafing.

A plus-size sports bra can help you maintain proper posture and increase your body confidence, it helps you avoid discomfort and other problems. 

Criteria for selecting a plus size sports Bra 

We have selected three criteria for adding the most suitable plus-size sports to our collection. These are mentioned below. 

Fitting and Comfort: 

We believe when it comes to comfort there should be no compromise especially when you are investing in your health.

That is why we place comfort as our top criteria for selection which goes synonymous with the fitting. 

Style and Quality:

 There are numerous styles in the market but most times with styles the quality is compromised so we have made an effort to include those which have the style with the best quality. 

Activity Specific:

We are aware that when you are performing a specific activity you need a product that is designed keeping that activity in mind that is why we have included plus-size sports that are sports specific. 

7 best plus-size sports bras in the UK 

Let’s discuss the best plus size sports bra for your needs, since all individuals are different so are their needs. Please go ahead and choose one that suits you the best. 

1. Decathlon Cardio Training Zip-Up Bra 900

Decathlon Cardio Training Zip-Up Bra 900
Image- Decathlon

This superb plus size bra caters to a size 18, it is best for cardio training such as HIIT and running. Decathlon has adjustable straps and doesn’t dig in. We have found it to be supportive with comfortable compression

  • Sizes: UK 8-18 
  • Style: Zip-up racerback 
  • Supports: High Impact Cardio 

2. Gymshark lightweight high-support Bra 

Gymshark lightweight high-support Bra
Image- Gymshark

Gymshark is a reliable brand when it comes to bras. If you want a bra that will not be a hassle with a simple style and high functionality, we approve of Gymshark lightweight bra. It gives you high support and great reliability. 

  • Sizes: XS-XXL 
  • Style: Shapelines underbust & racerback 
  • Supports: Weight training 

3. Freya Dynamic Sports Bra 

Freya Dynamic Sports Bra 
Image- Bra Fittings by Court

This a perfect gym bra for all sorts of weight training such as light weights or bodyweight training, even pull-ups are comfortable with this one, though you have to put in the strength.

It has padded straps so it is gentle on your boobs and four hooks erase all fears of it unfastening so you can work out with ease. 

  • Sizes: 28D-40H
  • Style: adjustable straps and hook fastenings 
  • Supports: High-impact workouts

4. Elomi Energise Sports Bra 

Elomi Energise Sports Bra
Image- curvy Bras

Elomi is a compression-free sports bra that gives you real freedom with the size choice which goes up to a 46DD. It has an underwired cup design, and it doesn’t feel constricting. So when it comes to plus-size sports we say it is a real score. 

The fabric of this plus-size sports bra is silky smooth and the quality is very high, so it is a great hit from our side. 

  • Sizes: 32D-46DD
  • Style: Wried
  • Supports: Medium to high-impact training 

5. Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra 

Runderwear Easy-On Running Bra
Image- Islamist. com

This superb bra takes running to the next level and it is specially designed for running purposes. It also comes with high support with good bands, straps that are padded, and double fastening which makes its design perfectly secure. 

It has cups so that each breast gets the required support and the weight is distributed evenly. The sizes of this bra have quite a diversity, we suggest you choose one that sings to you. 

  • Sizes: 30C-42H
  • Style: Double fastening padded bra 
  • Supports: HIIT and Running 

6. Nike Medium Support Dri FIT Swoosh 

Nike Medium Support Dri FIT Swoosh 
image- Nike

This one is an iconic bra, something you would expect from Nike. It is sustainable and made for the environment’s benefit. It is most suitable for light workouts such as Pilates and yoga. 

It also has a front pocket and removal pads and comes in a bunch of different colours, it is easy to handle and wash. There is plenty of variety to choose from within the sizes. 

  • Sizes: XS-2XL (44 bands) 
  • Style: Pull-on racerback, removable cups. 
  • Supports: Yoga, Pilates, Spin. 

7. Lululemon High Support Energy Bra 

Lululemon High Support Energy Bra
Image- Poshmark

  This one bra can make an immense difference in your workouts, it will make you feel good as it does you in energy and helps you keep everything in place. It also has three clasp lengths. 

It comes in a variety of colours and is best for indoor workouts. Although not suited for running it will be just the right fit for your gym workouts. It is an easy choice with good sizes and varied colours. 

  • Sizes: 30C-40G 
  • Style: Hook and eye closure
  • Supports: Gyming 


Let’s discuss the most common frequently asked questions about the plus size bra in 2024. We know many people have confusions regarding the right size and especially the first timers, worry not we are here to help you. 

How should a sports bra fit plus size?

The sports bra fitting is supposed to be snug that is not too tight and not too loose, it shouldn’t feel like it is digging into your shoulders, and the straps should not fall off of your shoulders. The underwire should not be on your lower breasts and the bra should be flat against your boobs. 

What is XL in a sports bra?

When it comes to plus-size sports bras and an XL should be a D cup that is D-DD or 45.3″ – 46.1″ Make sure to choose your size accordingly as size is everything when you are purchasing a bra. 

What size is an XXL sports bra?

For plus-size sports bra an XL should be 83-87 in underbust and 38D and an XXL would be 83-87 in underbust and 38E, also 88-92 and 40C. 

Is XXl medium or large? 

When it comes to XXL Sports bra for plus size, it is considered large. Since an XXL is a 42C whereas when it comes to medium it is generally in 32C, 34B, 36C, 36B, and 36A sizes. 

Is a sports bra good enough for heavy breasts?

Yes, some full-figure sports work best for heavily busted women and all the bras in our article would suit you best. Since bras that are designed keeping full-figure women in mind are highly specialized in keeping big breasts in place and minimizing movement. 


We hope you love our curated collection of the best 7 plus size sports bra in the UK in 2024. We have tried inducing a plethora of diversity and giving plenty of options to choose from and pick the one that best suits your personal needs. 

You must check out some of the other guides if you liked this collection. Keep training, and keep growing! 

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