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Choosing the Right Backless Bra – A Helpful How-To

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Going bold and wearing a backless bra is not easy but when we decide to do so, another problem arises! How to choose the right backless bra? Which bra will aptly suit our sexy dresses?

And, blah blah blah…. After all, the age-old dilemma of choosing the perfect bra has not become obsolete yet! And, when the dress is about exposing your beautiful back by wearing a strapless backless bra, the dilemma doubles!

So, what’s the solution? Is there any secret to finding the perfect invisible backless bra for your body that matches flawlessly with your big-day dress?

If so, how to choose the right backless bra? Also, is there anything like the perfect backless bra for big bust? Keep reading and you will come to know about everything you need to know. 

Backless Bra – A Brief Overview

Being a fashionable era with a variety of fashionable low-cut wear, backless bras are very popular today. These bras are the innerwear that lifts your breasts.

But, what’s the most important thing about these bras is that they give you equal support and comfort that any normal bra could give you. However, for that, you have to choose the right type of backless bra that matches your dress type and body shape.

Many backless bras come with invisible straps on the shoulder and the back. However, some backless bras have adhesive cup features.

The stick-on cups or silicone wings of these bras remain stuck to your skin so that the bra’s fitting never gets loose from your upper body.

Also, the seamless look they give you is just mindblowing. Backless bras are always ideal for fashionable low-back-cut dresses. These dresses are usually worn at parties, romantic dates, evening invitations, or other formal occasions.

Where traditional bras make the shoulder and back straps visible in low-cut dresses, the right type of backless bras hides the same.

Also, your perfect backless bra will always save you from those discomforts and pain that a poorly fitting bra can give you. 

Backless Bra – Factors To Consider Before Buying It

1. The Cup Size Of The Bra

When you decide to buy a backless bra, paying notice to its cup size is very important. You should select the cup size depending on the type of bra you are going to purchase.

In the case of buying an adhesive bra, you can choose a cup size smaller than your actual boob size. However, if you want to go for a bra that gives your boobs somewhat more structured support, it will be the opposite.

In that case, you have to choose a backless bra for big bust, that is, the cups of the bra must be larger than your actual breast size

2. Level Of Support The Bra Gives

First, decide which type of outfit you’re wearing. It will tell you what level of support your breasts would need. For example, adhesive bras are the best support givers for low-cut, backless outfits.

However, if you have larger busts and the dress you’re going to wear is backless, adhesive bras are not going to work. In that case, you have to choose invisible strapped stick-on bras. This is because they are made to give heavy support to larger breasts. 

For deep V-neckline dresses, you have to go for a different type of backless bra. A plunge bra will adjust best with these dresses. This strapless backless bra will allow the beauty of your back to get exposed without any interruption from unwanted straps.

Also, at the same time, it will let your dress display your decolletage. Hey! One thing more! The plunge bra must be of a good fit, otherwise, you may face the issue of spillage. 

3. Level Of Comfort The Bra Gives

Always go for bras that are friendly to your skin. High-quality bras made of breathable materials should always be your first preference, no matter whether you need to purchase an adhesive bra or any other backless bra.

This is because the comfort level of these bras is just incredible. While you wear them even for a longer period, your body will remain relaxed. It will never feel the pain of wearing a bra. 

4. The Level Of Invisibility Of The Bra Straps

Always check if the straps of the bra you’re going to buy will remain hidden under your dress or not. Always go for the ones that are transparent and invisible.

In fact, choose the invisible backless bra that works best with the type of dress you want to wear. Also, check out the sturdiness of the transparent straps of the backless bra before buying. It will save you from unexpected mishaps. 

Backless Bra – Different Types 

1. Nipple Concealer

These types of bras are made for those whose breast sizes are small. They give you concealment and shape at the same time.

The silicone material of these bras is sticky and remains attached to your skin. The seamless braless look that they give will make you appear stunning.

The nipple concealers will remain invisible under your clothing, no matter how much low-cut dress you wear. Besides, the lift they provide to your breasts looks natural. The best part about these backless bras?

You can wear and un-wear them effortlessly, irrespective of how many times you use them.

They are perfectly reusable and can be carried everywhere because of their lightweight. Moreover, the comfort that the nipple concealer backless bra gives you is feathery. 

2. Backless Bra

Wanna know about another type of backless bra, that is made for small-breasted women? The U-plunge-shaped strapless bra it is!

The deep, cleavage accentuating plunge of this bra gives your body an attractive look by staying within your backless dress.

Apart from that, the silicone adhesive of the bra firmly keeps your boobs in the right places without making you feel uncomfortable. Thanks to the comfort and support of this bra, you can wear it regularly without any pain.

Also, the bra can be worn and unworn very easily. You can reuse it several times before throwing it to the dustbin.

Hey, note! This bra is not for large-breasted women. So, women with large busts stay away from this otherwise you will not get the fitting satisfaction you want. 

3. Convertible Multiway Bra

It’s not fair, isn’t it? Why should small-busted ladies have all the fun? Is not there any classy backless bra for large-busted women? Of course, there are many options for the backless bra for big busts as well!

The convertible multiway bra is the best among them. Yes, this backless bra for voluptuous women is a good choice if your weight is on the plus side.

It can be adjusted in many ways as it is convertible. ​​​​​It’s the bra that matches most of the backless dresses of your household wardrobe. Wear it with straps, in a crisscross manner, or without straps and you are great to go with your backless dresses.

The bra gives you extra support because of its wide bands. Like the above two bras, this bra is also relaxing and gives you great support.

The material quality of this bra and its durability has also to be praised. Moreover, this innerwear will be a perfect fit for your body. 

4. Low-Back Bra Extender

Hate buying bras again and again? Wanna lower your bra straps up to your lower back? Then, low-back bra extenders will do for it.

No longer the requirement of adhesive bra. A low back-bra extender will work greater than it if your busts are larger.

The breast support they give to your larger breasts is immense. Other good sides of the backless bra extender?

Well! They are inexpensive and body-adjusting. However, only some types of bras fit with this extender, and not all types of them. 

How To Choose The Right Backless Bra Matching Your Body Shape?

For Pear-Shaped Body 

If you have a pear-shaped body, choosing a wider banded backless bra with invisible straps will help you wear your favourite backless dress with confidence.

The wider straps will give your breasts and shoulders the additional support that they would require.

And, the wider band will distribute your boobs’ weight in the same proportion. Wondering, which type of invisible backless bra comes with these features?

The convertible multiway bras do come with them! These bras are great for those whose shoulders are wide and who want semi-padding in their bra cups. 

For Apple-Shaped Body 

Women with apple-shaped bodies who want to wear a backless bra must choose those bras whose bands are wide. Also, the bra cups must be adept at providing full coverage and supplementary support.

An example of this type of bra includes a backless bodysuit. This semi-padded bodysuit gives equal support to your waist and hips. 

For Hourglass-Shaped Body

Hourglass-shaped bodies match the bras that come with an underwire. Also, such backless bras must comprise wide-set straps to give the extra support that your boobs deserve.

The underwire’s purpose is to give your boobs an extra lift. The wide straps provide the extra support that your shoulder needs. An example of a backless bra for an hourglass-shaped body is a convertible multiway bra.

This type of bra comes in padded, non-padded, and semi-padded form. Choose the one you feel comfortable in. If you need to exhibit a little bit of your curves, the semi-padded bras of this type will work. 

For Rectangular-Shaped Body 

Worried about having a rectangular-shaped body? Wondering, which backless bra will suit your body best? Go for the push-up padded style bra. Yes, this strapless backless bra, by adding extra weight to your breast areas, creates an illusion of cleavage and curves.

Push-up bras are of different types and choosing the U-plunge strapless bra with an invisible back is the best option for a rectangular-shaped body.

This bra gives you both the perfect lift and a secure stay. The level of padding of the bra you would choose will depend upon your choice for comfort. 

For Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body

People with an inverted triangle-shaped body should always go for a higher neckline backless bra. This is because the neckline of such a bra is good at grabbing the attention of the watchers from one’s breast.

It convinces the watchers to look straight to the face. If such a bra comes in the form of a backless bodysuit, the coverage and support doubles.

Also, by wearing it, you don’t have to sacrifice your style. If comfort and balance are your priorities, you can also go for a bra with padded cups. 


1. What is best to wear under the backless dress?

Adhesive silicone backless bras are the best to wear under backless outfits. They are just a pair of two sticky silicone cups that you can fit on your boobs.

You can stick them on your boobs very easily. Besides, their removal procedure is effortless as well. These bras can be worn several times before their stickiness gets lost. Until then you can keep washing, drying, and reusing them. 


So, as you have now learned about nearly all types of backless bras, go for the one that complements your body perfectly. Remember, while selecting your backless bra, don’t sacrifice comfort and support for style. Instead, go for the one that gives you everything you deserve.

Finally, love your backless bra. Stay confident and rock the night away in your incredible-looking backless dress. Believe us! You will turn everyone’s heads within no time. 

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