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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Stylish and Supportive Plus Size Convertible Bra

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If you are a plus-size woman then you may know how frustrating and annoying is to shop for lingerie and intimates.

Especially when you are looking for a convertible bra that looks great and does the job perfectly of enhancing your curves.

So, if you are a plus-size woman and want to get the right convertible bra then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, I am going to put together the significance of a well-fitted bra, understanding plus-size lingerie, types of bras for plus-size women, features to look for in a plus-size convertible bra, brands and product recommendations, and caring for your plus size convertible bras. 

Let’s dive into the deep!

The Significance of Well-Fitted Bra:

Everybody on this globe is shaped differently. But there are several ways that help you to find the perfect fitted bra for you. According to research, 80% of women wear the wrong-fitted bra.

Especially women of plus size commonly have bigger boobs, so they have more problems if they wear wrongly fitted bras.

Wearing a right-fitted bra helps a woman to look fantastic. There are other significance too of wearing a well-fitted bra, including:

It improves your posture

When you wear a rightly fitted bra, your posture improves. Your shoulder will no longer slouch and your back will remain straight because of the support that your chest receives.

It boosts your confidence

While you become assured that your lingerie fits you perfectly, you will no longer distracted by it. You can pay all your attention to being stunning.

It improves your health

If you find a perfect bra that supports your breasts perfectly can reduce back pain, skin irritation, redness, and chest pain.

This is very much beneficial, especially for plus-size women. A perfect fitted bra can work wonders on your health.

Enhances the shape of your breasts:

Wearing a right-fitted bra is very important since it plays an important role in shaping your breasts.

It looks amazing:

A right-fitted bra is not only comfortable to wear but also amazing to see! It enhances your body curves and gives you the perfect shape of your figure, making you look stunning.

Understanding Plus Size Lingerie:

The term plus size seems to be almost exclusive to the fashion industry. Plus size refers to the women who have curvy or voluptuous body types.

Plus size lingerie is nothing more than the garment’s sizing that is comparatively larger than the normal sizing. In the lingerie world, a plus size is defined as a band size of 38 or larger regardless of cup size.

So there are plus size lingerie available in cup size A cups, D cups, and more. 

So, you can get any cup size on plus size lingerie. So, you can understand that plus-size lingerie is available for smaller busts or larger busts.

Here, I am providing some of the examples, including:
40 C of Plus Size
32  F is a full bus
40 F is plus size and large busts

Types of Convertible Bras of Plus Size Women:

There are different types of convertible bras available in the market, and all of the types come with unique and distinct features.

So, they are beneficial to you somehow. The most significant of wearing a convertible bra is that it is versatile. 

When you pick a convertible bra you have various options to design and style with that piece. You can hide or eliminate the straps of the bra completely.

Here, I am providing a few convertible bra types:

Wireless Convertible Bra: 

A wireless multiway convertible bra offers the fullest coverage to your breasts. It also comes with adjustable and removable convertible straps, so you can style it as a halter, crisscross, strapless, one-shoulder, or traditional.

Full Coverage Underwire:

Plus Size Convertible Bra

The full coverage underwire bra is one of the great convertible bras that provide full support with an underwire.

It is very suitable for the summer since it offers great comfort. The removable straps of this convertible bra allow you to wear it in various ways. 

Lift + Support Convertible bra: 

Plus Size Convertible Bra

Stop continuously pulling out your bra straps all around the day. Thanks to the push-up convertible bra, it is designed in such as way that it can offer superior support to your breasts.

It comes with removable convertible straps, so you can design it in five different ways according to your taste and needs.

Padded Convertible Bra:

Plus Size Convertible Bra

A convertible bra that has padded cups is known as a padded convertible bra.

It enhances your breast shape and makes you look stunning. If you desire to have a seamless look then you can consider this piece.

Also, it comes with removable and adjustable straps, so you can style it in various ways.

Non-padded Convertible bra:

Non-padded convertible bras are the ultimate piece for women who love to expose their original shape of breasts.

Plus, it is breathable and you can wear it for long. The removable and adjustable straps allow you to design and style it according to your needs. 

Features to look in a plus size Convertible bra:

A convertible bra offers multiple styles all in one.

You can remove the straps of a convertible bra to make it strapless, also you can reattach the straps whenever needed in various formations such as halter, or racerback.

Moreover, while you shop for your plus-size convertible bra, you must keep in mind the following features:

Moulded Cups:

Convertible bras come in a wide range of forms, from bandeau style to separated cups to contour convertible style.

If you are looking for shaping, best support, and lift together then you must look for a convertible bra that has molded cups. 

This feature is especially preferable for the plus size women who have larger breasts seeking great support. 

Snug Band:

You may or may not know whether the band of the bra will provide the maximum support, and this is true for a strapless style.

So, you need to be sure that the band fits super snugly. Because this is the only feature of a convertible bra that will do most of the work of holding your busts.

Also, you should keep in mind that the band should not be so tight that it is digging into your skin.

Wide Bra Band:

While choosing the right fitted convertible bra you must consider the wider band, especially if you are a plus-size woman with larger breasts.

A wider band is more capable of supporting heavier breasts. You should consider the convertible bra that is at least 3 to 4 inches tall at the back. 

Anti-slip Silicone:

Some convertible bras contain strips of silicone on the inside of the bra, especially along the top and bottom of the band or cups in the front.

You can consider this feature since it is super helpful as the silicone sticks to your skin. So, it reduces your bra slip downward. 

A Flawless Fit:

The most important feature that you should consider while shopping for convertible bras plus size is a flawless fit. The bra is to be effective if they are the right size.

So, you must measure yourself once again before purchasing the right bra for you. Just get the right measurement before you make an investment in a new convertible bra.

Brands and Products recommendations:

1. Curvy Kate Wonderfully Full Cup bra: best full cup plus size bra:

This beautiful orchid colour full cup plus size convertible bra is bliss. It has a curve under the band that is designed to contour the curves of your body.

The wider straps offer full support Also, it makes you feel comfortable since it is made with high-quality material.

Price: 36 Pounds
Size: 30 G-46 G

2. Pour Moi Energy Empower Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra:

Whether you are working out in the gym or heading out on a walk, comfort, and full support is the key. The sports bra from Pour Moi is very popular for perfect fit and comfort.

This bra has an underwire that provides extra support to your breasts during working out. Also, it comes with adjustable straps, so you can style it in racerback style too.

Price: 14 Pounds
Size: 32 B-40 G

3. Figleaves Curve Diamond longline bra:

With golden and black floral embroidery, this bra looks stunning. It offers the look of a diamond.

This bra has five rows of clasps that offer you plenty of support at the back. It has adjustable straps, so you can style it in multiple ways.

For the extra special finish, there is strap detailing at the front and back.

Price: 9.80 Pounds
Size: 36 C- 48E

4. Wacoal Halo Lace Multiway Wired Bra:

I just love its super soft material and floral design. This plus-size convertible bra is designed in a way that offers excellent support, and the natural shape of your breasts.

You can wear it with any strapless dresses, tops, wedding gowns, and more. Further, this convertible bra comes with multiple straps, so you can design it in various ways.

You can style this bra either over the shoulder, or cross back, just get the advantage of this versatile piece.

Price: 36 Pounds
Size: 38C-46E

5. Elomi Matilda Plunge Wired Bra:

You just flaunt your curves with this Elomi Matilda plunge-wired bra. This bra has a sexy, sheer top cup with pretty embroidery detailing. The centre of this bra provides an uplifting of your breasts.

You can adjust this bra with almost every outfit with its movable J hook fastening at the back. So, you can easily convert it into a racerback style. 

Price: 37.84 Pounds
Size: 32GG-46DD

6. Yours White Moulded Underwired Full Cup Multiway Convertible Bra:

This is an excellent plus-size convertible bra piece that offers full support and lift to your breasts. The side boning offers extra support and the band is quite wider.

It is designed for plus-size women with larger breasts. This piece is made with high-quality material, so you can easily wear this piece for a long.

It comes with adjustable straps, so you can convert this bra into various designs according to your taste and preference. So, if you are looking for a padded convertible plus-size bra then this can be your ultimate item.

Price: 22.99 Pounds
Size: 38C- 48G

7. Casolace Women’s Smoothing Plus size Underwire bandeau Plus Size Convertible Bra:

No slip silicone is placed on the underwire, back and sides hold effectively on the skin, so the bra will not move. Underlined cups offer full support, lift, and great coverage to your breasts.

There are removable, and back adjustable straps, so you can convert it in 5 multiple ways including halter, criss-cross, traditional, halter, one shoulder, and strapless. 

Price: 24.99 Pounds
Size: 34B-46DD

Caring For Your Convertible Plus Size Bra:

There are two ways of washing: one is a traditional method which is handwashing and another one is machine wash.

But I recommend you to go forward with handwash. there are a few things that you should keep in mind while washing and taking care of the bra, including:

  • Avoid usage of bleach
  • After each or two use, you should wash the bra
  • you should use any herbal detergent or any mild liquid detergent
  • do not use hot water, as it may lose the elasticity of the bra
  • Use cold water to wash the bra
  • While washing, read the instructions of the bra given by the manufacturer.
  • After washing and rinsing, you need to air dry it.
  • Do not hand this piece under direct sunlight since sunlight may damage the bra’s functioning.
  • Avoid dryers


What is a convertible bra?

Ans: A convertible bra is a bra that has adjustable and removable straps, so you can easily convert it into various styles and designs. These include crisscross, halter, traditional, off-shoulder, and strapless. bras with convertible straps are the best option for racerback dresses and strapless tops.

What is considered a plus-size bra?

Ans: A plus size bra is a bra that has a cup size D or greater, and its band size is 44 or greater. If you wear a plus-size dress then you must consider a plus-size bra too.

Which is the best plus-size convertible bra?

Ans: There are plenty of brands across the United Kingdom that design and manufacture plus-size convertible bras. But according to me, Elomi is one of the best bra brands to consider while shopping for plus-size bras. 


You are blessed with gorgeous curves and may have spent a lot of time to find the best plus-size convertible bra. But you may be disappointed with their features, colour, functioning, style, and look. If yes, don’t get stressed.

That is why I have prepared a complete guide covering every aspect of a perfect convertible plus size bra including the top 7 brands.

Hope, this article will cover every aspect of choosing the right convertible bra for you. Ladies, just embrace your curves and find your perfect match with my tips!

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