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Comfort and Support: Finding the Perfect Nursing Bra for New Moms:

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A perfect nursing bra for new moms is like a new best friend to new moms.

A good nursing bra for new moms is very much essential for a post-pregnancy body. The first thing that a new mom requires after giving birth to her little one is a good-quality and well-supportive nursing bra.

If you are lucky enough to have the right fitted nursing bra immediately after your delivery then it will also provide enough support to your changing breasts as well. 

If you are intending to breast-feed your little one then your breasts tend to feel heavier during this time. So, you must look for the support that you can get from a well-fitted nursing bra.

This well-fitted nursing bra makes you feel more comfortable. Thus, your breasts do not become sore anyway.

So, if you are looking for getting the perfect Nursing Bra for New Moms after giving birth to your baby then this guide is going to help you in every way.

Here, in this guide, we are going to wrap up understanding the basics of nursing bras for new moms, how to determine the right size bra, exploring different styles of nursing bras, fabrics, and material considerations for a nursing bra, features for convenience, and functionality,  the top nursing bra brands, and maintaining and caring for a nursing bra.

Understanding the Basics of Nursing Bra for New Moms

What is a nursing bra?

A nursing bra is a supportive garment for a woman who has just become a mom. A mom who is either breastfeeding her new baby or during her pregnancy period wears a nursing bra.

A nursing bra differs from a regular bra as you quickly can expose your nipples to breastfeed your baby. This is not possible when you wear a regular bra.

A nursing bra is designed with openings that make your baby access your breasts easily during their feeding time. 

What benefits of wearing a nursing bra? 

A nursing bra also provides much support to your enlarged breasts which are much heavier than normal. There are plenty of benefits to wearing a well-fitted nursing bra. These include:

  • Comfort: If you choose the right-sized maternity bra for you then it will provide much comfort to you. Because these bras are designed in a manner that can provide relief to you from swelling, discomfort, and mastitis. It helps you to avoid mastitis by avoiding pressure areas around your breasts. 
  • Breast Health: During the breastfeeding phase or your pregnancy, your enlarged breasts will put pressure on your postural muscles, and spine. During these phases, you will also experience a little pain in your neck, and shoulder area.  A good-quality nursing bra provides good support including postural support that makes you relief from these discomforts.
  • Empowering: A good nursing bra surely boost your confidence and empowerment with the provided support and comfort associated with it. The features of this bra makes you feel relaxed while you need to get move around. So, there is nothing to be worried regarding styles also. As these bras come in an extensive range of styles, shapes, and sizes, you can pick the right one that suits to you perfectly.
  • Versatile: The nursing bras comes with conveniently placed nursing clips that you quicker access to your breasts. So, this feature makes breastfeeding easier. You can also wear a nursing while you are doing your postpartum workouts or activities. 

When to buy a nursing bra:

If you are planning to breastfeeding then we recommend you to buy a good-quality nursing bra at your 8th month of pregnancy.

Because, during the 8th month of your pregnancy, the cup size will be approximately same as it is going to be when your milk supply has regulated.

How to determine the right-sized Nursing Bra for New Moms?

Your breasts will continue to change in size all through your delivery and postpartum period. So, while you are planning to buy a perfect nursing bra then you should consider these two simple measurements-under-bust and bust.

To take the under bust measurement you will need to wrap the tape around your body directly under the busts. You need to be careful about the measurement tape and it must be straight around your torso.

Also, the tape must be well-fitted not too tight.

Then round the taken measurement to nearby whole even number. For example, if you get 31.5 inches to 34 size then you can take it as band size of 34.

While you need to take your busts measurement then you need to wrap the measurement tape around the fullest part of your breasts. You need to subtract your band size from your busts measurement to get your cup size.

Suppose, your bust measurement is 38 inches and your band size is 34, then the difference is 3 that means your cup size is 3=C.

Exploring different styles of Nursing Bra for New Moms:

Here is a list of different nursing bras constructed for different moms according to their needs:

Unpadded Nursing Bra:

Image- Hunkemoller

While you are breastfeeding you will surely experience heavier breasts than ever. This is a common sign of breastfeeding.

Unpadded nursing bras are designed for those moms whop prefers breathability over support. The single layered cups fits well in the skin and an unpadded nursing bra comes in the form of buttons, hooks, or zippers.

Padded Nursing bra:

Padded Nursing bra
Image- Nursing Bra Shop

Most of the new moms mostly prefer padded nursing bras. Padded nursing bras provide more benefits than one. The soft padded cups perfectly absorb the leakage and you can feel dry all day long.

Also, these padded cups are perfect to provide you the perfect shape of your breasts. Also, the foam padding provide much support and protection to your heavier breasts.

You can  go forward with a padded bra as it will prevent your breasts from sagging. These soft padded nursing bras comes with or without wire.

Wireless Nursing Bra:

Wireless Nursing Bra
Image- Etsy

Wireless nursing bras are one of the most preferred nursing bra across the globe. your body has gone through your pregnancy and childbirth.

So, you must opt for the most comfortable bra that is barely there. You can choose your nursing bras that comes with wirefree cups if you are worried about clogging of milk ducts. 

Seamless Nursing Bra:

Image- Wikimedia Commons

seamless nursing bras are much preferred nursing bras especially when you are going to wear a close-fitting dress.

But you must remember that a seamless nursing bra is less associated with comfort while more inclined with the type of outfit you are going to wear.

Underwire Nursing Bra:

Underwire Nursing Bra
Image- Nursing Bra Shop

Not every mom’s need is the same. You can also look for underwired nursing bras that are more capable to prevent your breasts from sagging.

These bras lift up your heavier breasts. But, you should keep in mind that you need to wear the underwired nursing bras only when your milk flow is regularized.

That period is after a fewer months of your child’s birth. You must not opt for a underwired nursing bra if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

Sports Nursing Bra:

Nursing Bra for New Moms
Image- La Redoute

Sports nursing bras one of the most recommended products for the new moms. These sports nursing bras are more supportive, and allow you the free movement.

The great advantage of these sports nursing bras is the bras come with wider straps to avoid digging into the skin.

Also, these bras also makes you get relief from the shoulder pain because of the heavier breasts. Also, protects your breasts from sagging.

Fabrics and materials consideration for a nursing bra:

While choosing the right bra then you must consider the fabric quality and material of the bra. According to experts, you must opt for a nursing bra that is made from natural, and high-quality fabric that is cotton.

Cotton is more breathable fabric than any synthetic material. During your last phase of pregnancy and your breastfeeding you may experience leakage.

So, you can go forward with a nursing bra that is constructed with cotton. As cotton is more absorbent in case of leakage. 

Also, synthetic materials can trap moisture for longer period of time. That can lead to potential irritation. So, you should consider cotton as it will absorb the leakage and makes you feel dry all the day long.

A cotton made nursing bra also prevent you from fungal infection, redness, and irritation on the skin. 

Features of a good-quality Nursing Bra for Convenience and Functionality:

A good-quality nursing bra comes with various great features that deals convenience and functionality. These include:

Open and Closing: 

A new mom always opt for a good quality nursing bra over normal one because of it’s open and closing features. These bras come with snap, or zip, or hook while some allows you to simply push the cup to the side.

Most of the new moms prefer the bra that can be opened or closed using only one hand. Because you may be holding your little one with another hand.

The fit:

The fittings of most of the nursing bras is great. If you wear a normal bra during your breastfeeding period then it may lead to a greater risk getting mastitis. The normal bras also leads to sore breasts, so look for the perfectly fitted nursing bra. 

Finding the perfect nursing bra during your late pregnancy and breastfeeding period is the key. The best way to get a rightly fitted nursing bra is that you should visit a store in person and get fitted. 

Cup style:

You must look for a soft cup or bralette nursing bra as it will be greater than an unwired bra. The pressure from an unwired bra may lead to discomfort. 

Minimal irritation:

While the traditional bras can cause irritation during breastfeeding, especially when it will pass through the sensitive breast tissue.

Nursing bras come with crossover straps, so it can reduce this problem. by eliminating metal or plastic clasps against your skin, nursing bras reduce the chances of getting irritation, redness, itchiness, and so on.

Top Nursing Bra Brands:

1. Hatch the Everyday Nursing Bra:

Nursing Bra for New Moms


  • Type of Access: One-handed clasp
  • material: Spandex bend/ Pima cotton
  • Size Range: Small to Extra Large
  • Adjustments: Front strap adjuster, J-hook attachment, and four back adjusters

This bra comes with various features that perfectly support your enlarged busts and fully cover your breasts. There re various ways to adjust this bra, so it will perfectly fit to your changing body shape.

Sometimes, the brand provide discounts on the procing, so you can follow their website. This nursing bra has been ranged top after impressing our testers with its features and support. 


Our one tester has shared her experience ” This is my go-to nursing bra”. Another tester has expressed that “Along with major comfort this nursing bra stands out for various adjustable features”.

2. Bodily The Do Anything Bra:

Nursing Bra for New Moms


  • Type of Access: It comes with clip down access for nursing, also there are two stretchy slits in the cup so that you can easily pump the mil without using your hands.
  • Material: Polyamide-elastane blend
  • Size Range: S-3X
  • Adjustments: It comes with adjustable slider straps and straps can convert to racerback for additional support, and hook-and-eye-back closure

This bra provides very supportive features for nursing and also comes with features that helps you hands-free pumping. Bodily bra is silky and attractive but the fabric does not absorb the extra leakage of milk.

During your breastfeeding period you may opt for nursing and pumping. So, if you prefer to alternate between these two then you must go forward with this bra. 

One of our tester has expressed as ” Incredibly comfortable. Another tester has shared her experience “this bra is not suitable for them who experience a lot of leakage”.

3. Kindred Bravely Sublime hands-Free Nursing Bra:


  • Type of Access: Double-clip access, one clip is for nursing, and one for pumping
  • Material: Nylon-Spandex blend
  • Size Range: Small-XXXL Busty
  • Adjustments: It comes with adjustable straps, hook-and-eye-back closure, and including additional bra extender

This bra fits like a sports bra, and it is incredibly supportive. The pumping parts remains totally secure. There is a double-clip accessing, so sometimes accessing can be clumsy.

In our test, Kindred Bravely Nursing bra became one of the top rated nursing bra because of its great features. The material of the bra is also great, just makes you feel like a sports bra.


One of our tester has shared her experience ” Thick and study” material of bra. Another tester expressed that “it provides unparallel support for breastfeeding”. 

4. Bodily So Easy Bra:


  • Types of Access: Nursing clips for easy access
  • Material: Nylon-Spandex blend
  • Size Range: Small-XXL Busty
  • Adjustments: It comes with adjustable sliders in the front straps

This comes with an extensive range of unique color options. It will not provide enough support to larger busts doing high-impact activities.

It is suitable for smaller breasts doing low-impact activities. So, after pregnancy, if you are planning to strat high-impact activities like running, jumping, or something else; this bra will not be best suited to you. 

One of our tester expressed her experience that ” this pick is suitable to use in the home and also for low-impact activities”.

Maintaining and Caring for Nursing Bra:

While there is no hard and fast rules regarding washing and caring for your nursing bra., But we recommend to wash each time you wear the nursing bra. You should wash your nursing bra a bit more frequent than a regular bra. You can follow these following guide to wash your nursing bra successfully:

  • You must always read the care level of the nursing bra. There are various manufacturers of nursing bra who secretly express the way of washing and taking care of their products.
  • Before washing you must remove any clips and nursing pads.
  • You can use a concentrated solution for washing your nursing bra. 
  • Then you need to place your nursing bra including the nursing pads (if washable) in a  laundry bag. A mesh bag will protect the delicate fabric of the nursing bra and also prevent the fabrics from tearing and snagging. 
  • Add appropriate amount of herbal detergent.
  • Then you must use a delicate wash cycle using cool or warm water. You must remember that hot water can break down the delicate fabrics of the bra.
  • If you are going forward to hand wash the nursing bra then you should put it into a bucket, and full it with lukewarm water. Add any softer detergent and gently swish. Then leave it to soak for few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. You must not wring. 
  • At last, you need to hang your piece to air dry in a hanger. You must not put it directly in the sunlight. 


What is the ideal time to start wearing a nursing bra during pregnancy?

Ans: As soon as you notice that your breasts are starting to grow and changed at that point you must look for a good-quality nursing bra. This can be just after your first trimester. Before getting a hint of your bump can be the ideal time to start wearing a nursing bra during pregnancy.

How often should I measure my bra size while breastfeeding?

Ans: According to some experts, the best timing for measuring your bra size is 3 to 4 months after your delivery. During this time, your breasts to get established and your milk supply will be regulated. Also, you can measure your bra size once in a month to have the actual size for instance. The best time to measure your breasts during the midday when your breasts are full in size, and before a feeding.

Can Underwire nursing bras cause clogged ducts?

Ans: According to experts, underwire bras can increase the risk of clogged milk ducts, and mastitis. Women who are breastfeeding most likely to experience mastitis. Because of it new moms can experience clogged milk ducts because of mastitis and bacteria can get into the breasts. 

Are sports nursing bras suitable for everyday wear?

Ans: Yes, you can fearlessly go forward to pick a sports nursing bra. This item will provide much support and comfort to your larger busts during your daily workouts. While provide you the opportunity to easily access the breasts for breastfeeding your baby.

How can I prevent nursing bra discomfort during workouts?

Ans: You can invest in a good-quality easy nursing bra that  comes with easy flaps to open the bra while breastfeeding. But you must remember that as soon as you have completed your daily workouts immediately take it off. Sitting with a tight-fitting nursing bra can be uncomfortable especially when you will nurse your baby.

Can I wear a regular bra during nighttime feeding?

Ans: If you choose to wear a bra during your nighttime feeding then you must opt for the one that is comfortable and easier to access. You must avoid any bra that is too tight. You should also avoid wearing underwire bra. Tight bras and underwire bras may cause mastitis. 

What materials are best for sensitive skin?

Ans: If you have sensitive skin then you must be careful about the material of your nursing bra. During breastfeeding, there is chance to get leakage. It may cause skin irritation, redness, and itchiness. So, you should pick a nursing bra that is constructed with high-quality fabric that is cotton. Cotton is also a good absorbent of liquid. A s cotton is more breathable than synthetic too.

Do nursing bras come in larger cup size?

Ans: Yes, Nursing bras come in an extensive range of size, color, and style options. So, you can easily pick the rightly fitted item that provides the best support to your larger busts. The size ranges vary from Small to XXXL. 

Can I wear nursing bras even if I am not breastfeeding?

Ans: If you are not planning to breastfeed your baby even then you can wear nursing bras. As your breasts will be heavier during pregnancy and you will require a supportive bra that will provide much support and comfort. 


Every woman’s experience with pregnancy and breastfeeding is unique. During this time frame, your body including your breasts can behave completely different than ever.

That is why you must opt for a perfectly-fitted nursing bra that must be flexible, and versatile in every sense of the words.

Nursing bras comes in an extensive range of size, color,  style options, and features. So, it is very easier to get the right one according to your preference and needs.

Here, we have put together every aspects of a good-quality nursing bra, hope this guide will help you to gather more knowledge about nursing bra and empowering new moms to make informed choices. 

Make your new journey more interesting and put the positive vibe all through your journey by selecting  the right nursing bra for you. Enjoy your motherhood! 

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