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11 Tips: How to Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

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Do you feel uneasy with your oversized boobs and embarrassed when people give unwanted glances over there?

Are you striving to get some way to make your oversized boobs look smaller in front of everyone?

We understand, how hard it is to struggle with the problems of large breasts. Though they look attractive, they are not without challenges. With them, you have to face pains in your neck and shoulders.

Also, they sometimes make your confidence down psychologically because of different people’s bad remarks or misconceptions.

So, if your oversized boobs are making you feel ashamed because of different people’s body shaming and making you think 10 times before you wear any low-cut dress, we have brought some solutions in the form of tips for you.

With our simple but significant tips, you will know how to make your boobs look smaller and carry it anywhere with style without feeling low any further.

Are you feeling impatient to get through the tips? Well! keep reading and we will keep everything on this topic covered for you. 

Why Do Many Women Possess Large Breasts?

Usually, having large breasts is very normal in most of the women. Either it occurs naturally because of genes or because of their fatty and curvy figures.

However, in some cases, the reasons are different. Some women don’t possess large breasts from their teenage and gain weight naturally at their breasts afterward because of aging or hormonal changes.

Pregnant women or women who are under the influence of medications due to various diseases like Thyroid gain the weight of their breasts eventually. 

Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

Is Possessing Large Breasts A Matter Of Shame?

No, possessing large breasts can never be a matter of shame. Large breasts make a woman look sexy and gorgeous. However, it may lead to many health issues afterward like neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.

Also, women have to tolerate bad words and bad glances from people in this society due to their big boobs at no fault of theirs.

So, many women choose to hide their breasts by wearing loose dresses or trying to make them look small.

​​​​​​Though all women are different and many don’t even bother to heed people’s remarks about their bodies, some women really feel psychologically down and try to find solutions to it.

Though we support the views of brave and bold women in this regard and always stand by their side against body shaming, still we feel sympathy for those women who want to overcome this problem in their lives.

So, to help women overcome their problem of large boobs, we have investigated a lot and have come up with some useful tips for them, that they will surely find helpful. 

How To Make Your Boobs Look Smaller – Go through These Tips: 

Natural Methods:

1. Change Your Eating Habits:

Why go for artificial methods when you can transform your breasts naturally?

Since, body fat (adipose tissue) is the most common reason for large boobs in women, cutting fatty diets will work in this respect.

Choosing a healthy diet is not only good for your health but also for controlling your breast size.

Eat foods that are extremely nutritious but are poor in calories. Eat green and fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish (especially fatty fish), etc, and healthily reduce your breast size.

Oh, Wait! If you’re a pregnant woman or the mother of a newborn baby, don’t forget to consult your doctor and dietitian before starting this weight loss game. 

2. Exercise Regularly:

Make Your Boobs Look Smaller

Wanna know, how to make your boobs look smaller naturally other than doing diet control?  Well! There’s no doubt that exercise will help.

We always need to work out for shedding the fat/calories that our body intakes. Regular exercise helps to remove the unhealthy fat that is stored in your body.

Some people think that doing target exercises for a particular part of the body sheds fat in that area. So, they keep focussing on those exercises.

But, doing it is not an appropriate way to lose fat. You must focus on the exercises that will reduce the overall fat of your body rather than eliminating the target fat. It’s a healthy way to lose fat.

The exercises that you may get involved in may differ according to the preference of a person. Some may prefer yoga while others may prefer doing gym or cardio.

There are still others who may like to shed their weight by dancing. What’s most important is choosing a physical activity and doing it regularly. 

3. Keep Your Estrogen Under Control: 

An important factor that decides the size of your breasts is the female hormone estrogen. This hormone stimulates your breast tissues’ expansion.

So, the more estrogen in your body, the larger the size of your breasts will be. Some women suffer from hormonal imbalances, resulting in an increase in estrogen in their body.

The bodies of these women stimulate the fast growth of their breast tissues. By controlling the level of estrogen in their body, you can make their boobs smaller again.

For this, they can visit the related dietitian or physician who will guide them with a dietary plan to control estrogen levels. Sometimes taking hormonal contraceptives increases estrogen levels in your body.

So, the doctor may ask them to stop taking such contraceptives or may give them the necessary medicines that suppress the flow of abnormal levels of estrogen in the body.

Sometimes, Dieticians or health physicists ask the patient to intake flaxseeds or their supplements to prevent the overflow of estrogen. 

Smart Dressing Methods: 

Natural remedies for the transformation of breasts do take some time. Wondering, how to make your boobs look smaller until then?

Keep following these smart dressing methods till you lose the weight of your breasts naturally. 

1. Purchase Well-Fitted Bras:

It may be quite a tough job to find the perfectly fitted bra for you from the market but believe us, it’s worth it.

A perfectly fitted bra with tight bra cups will keep your breasts in place and prevent them from getting over-exposed.

Ensure that the band of the bra is mostly supporting your breasts and not the straps. Taking the help of a bra specialist in this case will make your job much easier.

As you proceed to buy a bra for you from any store, always choose the appropriate size instead of the big or small ones.

It’s not a good idea to compromise anything while buying your bra. If your breasts are not well-fitted even in the bras of DD size, don’t try to fit them forcibly within them.

Better go for an E-size Bra, even if you have to change the shops a couple of times.

2. Look Out For Minimizer Bras Or Shapers:

Minimizer bras, also known as thinner bras or bralettes, are one of the great options for the ladies with big boobs.

These bras or shapers ensure that your breasts remain in shape until you wear the bras or shapers from your body. They do it by redistributing the tissues of your breasts thereby making your breasts fit comfortably and perfectly in the bra.

We want to break here the stereotype about these bras that they can flatten your boobs. No, these bras can never flatten your boobs permanently.

They only manage to shorten the size of the boobs by a couple of inches temporarily by making the clothes fit better.

3. Choose To Wear V-neck sweaters Or Blouses: 

Heavy garments like sweaters, blouses, etc are good at hiding your large boobs or cleavage.

Wearing these types of clothes in winter is appropriate for both feeling warm in the season and prohibiting people’s scanning attention at your breasts.

These wears are super helpful in minimizing the size of your breasts temporarily.

While wearing a V-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck dress, ensure that the cuts don’t run down the cleavage while wearing them. It will prevent your breasts from being seen as too large.

Also, skip donning horizontally striped crop tops to save yourself from looking baggy and large-breasted. If you can suppress your temptation, refrain from purchasing tops with low cuts.

Other than sweaters, it’s also a good idea to wear jackets or cardigans to get that slim-and-trim look at your chest in winter. 

4. Choose Darker Shades In Clothes:

Dark-colored clothes, as compared to light colors, are often good at hiding the enormity of your breasts. People while watching the dusky nature of the colors skip looking at your cheat areas.

So, just don any clothes of darker shades like a perfectly-fitted black blazer with an evening dress of the same color or a black top-bright skirt combination accompanied with minimal jewelry and accessories and captivating shoes and be the inspiration for any big boobs woman. 

5. Stay Away From Tight Dresses:

Wearing tight dresses not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also accentuates your curvy areas including your large breasts. It exposes the cleavage of your boobs more prominently.

So, staying away from tight dresses gives you the answer to the question – “How to make your boobs look smaller”. 

5. Avoid Push-Ups And Padded Bras:

Many women today get fascinated by push-up bras or padded bras so easily. But, they must use those bras considering their breast size.

If their breast sizes are already large, it’s a bad idea to wear these bras because these bras will make your boobs look more round and fleshy, thus imparting you the impression of a large-breasted woman.

These modern bras are only ideal for those who possess small-sized breasts. 

Surgeries And Other Techniques:

6. Go For Breast Binding:

If none of the above techniques works, breast binding is one of the left-out options that you might try. Binding or dressing your breasts tightly using a tape or binder temporarily flatten your boobs.

The process involves safely wrapping your upper body part, especially the breast areas using a binder. Stay away from ace bandages, duct tape, etc while you’re going through the binding process.

This is because they are known to cause fluid buildup in your body. Also, your ribs may get broken down due to those tie-ups. We advise you to go through this technique only if you’re comfortable with it. 

7. Plastic Surgery: 

What years of hard work can’t do, plastic surgery can do it in a few hours.

With breast reduction surgery, all the fatty tissues and skin surrounding your breasts gets removed, making the boobs look smaller than before. The result of this technique is permanent and is appealing to the patient.

However, the technique has its risks and you must consider its pros and cons before undergoing this surgery. To get this surgery done, you need to contact a plastic surgeon. 


1. Which bra makes your breasts look smaller? 

A minimizer bra or thinning bralette is a bra that’s made for large-breasted women. With this bra, you will get a skimming look at your breasts.

Your breasts look nearly 2 inches thinner than their regular sizes. The attractive yet smooth appearance it gives to your breasts with heavy busts is just mesmerizing. 

2.  What size is a large breast?

If your breast size is more than DD, they may be termed larger breasts. Many women who have larger breasts and don’t get a perfect fitted bra or dress in the shop go for a compromise regarding their wear.

They try to fit their body in smaller and tight-fitted dresses, which is not at all recommended. These dresses or inner wears only accentuate their curves and make the situation worse. So, always buy the bras or dresses that perfectly fit your body, no matter how many stores you have to visit for them. 

3. Which size of breast is best?

Though the ideal breast size of a woman varies depending on her height and other factors, still, in general, the breasts that flawlessly fit in C and D cups are the perfect ones. This is particularly true for tall women. 


So, how to make your boobs look smaller? It’s quite easy! Best your weight naturally through proper diet and workouts. Choose overweighted breast-friendly dresses or loose dresses smartly and consider wearing those dresses.

Last yet not least, decide on going through various risky methods like breast binding, breast reduction surgery, etc, and act wisely by consulting your general physician or cosmetic surgeon beforehand. 

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