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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing a Longline Bra

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Mistakes we must remember when we are using a longline bra. None of us are perfect and sometimes we often do mistakes. That’s not a big deal!

But when it comes to bra then we must be very careful and conscious to get things right!

Getting the perfect bra is not our ultimate goal instead the ultimate goal should be to wear this piece perfectly. 

When you pair a longline bra under any strapless or backless outfit then you must be dreaming to get the best look ever. But a common silly mistake of wearing a longline bra imperfectly may ruin your entire look.

So, if you are looking for some common mistakes to avoid when wearing longline bras then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, we are going to compile a list of common mistakes that most woman has made at some time during their lifespan. Also, we will provide some solutions to fix these problems.

Why wear a Longline Bra?

Longline bra
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A longline bra is a type of women’s lingerie that comes with an extra fabric that extends below the bust. These types of bras are designed in such ways that they sometimes extend down the waistline and hips.

Moreover, these bras are designed to create a trimmer waistline. These bras also provide enough comfort and support to the breasts

Since the fabric goes down to the waistline or hips, the longline bras seem to stay in the right position. These bras will not slip down or ride up.

In fact, structured or underwired cups are not essential with these styles. So, that makes them more comfortable while you go forward to wear them for a longer time.

A few common Longline bra-wearing mistakes that you should avoid:

Longline Bra

1. Opting for a white longline bra under white clothes:

Most of us prefer to pick a white lingerie under a white cloth. But it is not the best deal at all. Just like you don’t purchase red or black longline bras to pair with black or red dresses, there is no such rule to pair a white dress with a white longline bra. 

In fact, a white longline bra under a white dress will become more visible than any other colour. So, to avoid your bra appearance under a white dress, you can pair a white dress with a nude colour bra.

You must choose a nude-coloured bra that is very close to your skin tone. A nude-coloured bra will perfectly match your skin tone and disappear under a white dress.

2. Wearing a longline bra that is too tight or loose:

Wearing an ill-fitted longline bra is one of the biggest mistakes you might be making.

You must go ahead to pick a right-fitted bra that is neither too tight nor too loose. You must check that it fits you well. Here, we are providing some features of a well-fitted bra, that include:

  • The straps sit well  on the shoulder and do not dig in or slip out
  • There must be enough space to slide at least 2 fingers under the bra band
  • The cups of this bra must cover your breasts perfectly and there must not be bulges from the side or top.
  • The underwire of the longline bra lies flat against your chest.

3. You are wearing your longline bra too frequently & too long:

It is very tempting to reach for your favourite bra day after day. or month-after-month. But the actual fact is bras need some time after you wear the pieces for their elastic to reset.

Instead of wearing the same longline bra for several days in a row, you can stock up on your favourite longline bra. It will help you to wear different bra pieces every other day. Thus, your longline bra will have some recovery time. 

Not only does this trick keep your bra fitting better but also it will help to provide your bra item a longer lifespan overall. 

4. Size issue:

If each time you shop for longline bras of the same size from different brands, you must be very careful.

Your bra band size or cup size can vary from one brand to another. So, you must not blindly shop for a new bra without trying the size. 

5. Wearing a sagging longline bra:

A lot of women wear sagging longline bras, Not only these ill-fitted bras will ruin your breast’s shape but they also these bras dig into your skin causing pain.

These sagging longline bras can alter the shape of your breasts forever. Instead of wearing a sagging bra, you can tighten the straps, and if you are unable to do this, you can throw away the bra.

6. Wearing Longline bras while sleeping:

Various women wear bras while sleeping because they think this can help their breasts from getting sagged.

On the other hand, some women think that sleeping while wearing a bra can lead to breast cancer. But, the fact is that these both facts are myths. 

sagging can’t be prevented after a certain age, Also there is no such research that claims that bras can lead to breast cancer.

So, it is a personal choice who prefers to wear a bra while sleeping or not to wear a bra during sleep. But, if you prefer to wear a bra while sleeping you can go ahead with a non-padded bra. 


Longline bras seem to be the most essential piece of clothing that deserves to be the hero of a woman’s wardrobe. But, when it comes to wearing a longline bra, women tend to make some common mistakes that can ruin their entire look.

To avoid such longline bra-wearing mistakes, you can follow this guide. Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of some common mistakes made by a lot of women and also we have provided the respective solutions. So, you just follow our tips and get the right fit and feel great along the way!

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