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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Perfect Post-Breast Augmentation Bra

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Breast augmentation surgery will not only alter the size of your breasts but also affect the type and size of bra you will require to wear after the procedure.

breast augmentation surgery will increase the size of your breasts significantly. Your existing bras will no longer be perfect. The existing ones will not be fitted appropriately into your enlarged breasts.

So, you need to invest in a larger size bra. After breast augmentation surgery, you need to be more careful while choosing bras because they must support your breasts during the healing and recovery period in the best possible way.

You must keep in mind that it may take several weeks before you can wear conventional bras after the breast augmentation procedure. Your breasts can take a few weeks or months to reach their final size. After any postoperative swelling will get disappeared from the breasts then only you can wear conventional bras.

So, if you are looking for tips to choose the perfect post-breast augmentation bra then you are on the right path.

Here, in this article, we are going to put together top tips for choosing the right bra after breast augmentation during the healing and recovery period as well.

Should I wear a bra in the early recovery period after breast augmentation?

You must take advice from your surgeon on whether you should wear a postoperative bra after breast augmentation surgery. Some surgeons may advise you to wear a sports bra after having breast implantation surgery.

Whereas, some surgeons may advise you not to wear postoperative bras till 6 weeks before the procedure. You must follow the preoperative as well as postoperative instructions that are given by the doctor.

Your doctor may advise you not to wear a postoperative bra because he may prefer that your breasts should undergo a degree of drop and fluff first.

Postoperative bras are not designed to provide exact support and they can’t alter the shape and position of your breasts.

Rather, the surgical bras are designed to provide plenty of comfort as well as adequate support to your busts.

The final appearance of your busts can get influenced by the pressure that is exerted by a postoperative bra. 

So, we recommend you wear a specialist postoperative bra after having breast augmentation surgery. 

What bra can you wear Post-Breast Augmentation Bra?

There are various recovery phases that your busts need to undergo just following breast augmentation. So, choosing of bras will also vary according to the phase.

There are several tips that you need to follow while choosing the right bra after breast implantation surgery. 

  • Immediately following surgery: Just immediately after the surgery, your breasts will become tender and swollen. So, you should wear a post-surgery medical compression bra. these bras are perfectly designed in such a way that it is capable to provide superior support than normal bras. These bras also help to protect the breast tissue, hold the wound dressing in place, reduce swelling, and also minimize implant movement. You can wear these types of bras both day and night for the first week or two following the procedure. 
  • A couple of weeks after surgery: After around two weeks, you can safely transition to a supportive bra that comes with soft cups, thick straps, and no underwire. we recommend you wear your sports bra both day and night until you have made a full recovery. 
  • Once you are fully recovered: Every woman recovers from breast augmentation at different rates, so it is difficult to provide a clear timeframe of when you can transition back to wearing your normal bras with an underwire. However, we recommend you wait 6 to 12 weeks following the procedure. 

How to choose the correct bra after breast augmentation surgery:

Post-Breast Augmentation Bra

After breast augmentation surgery, once your surgeon shows you the all-clear signal to start wearing a bra again you must pick the correct bra according to your current situation.

While going forward to pick a bra you must keep in mind some recommendations provided by experts. Most women know very well that wearing a bra that does not fit them well leads to a big problem to face and often provides significant discomfort. 

You must consider various aspects while choosing the postoperative bra including cup size and band of the bra. The cut and style of the bra also play a big role when it comes to choosing the right-sized bra after breast augmentation surgery.

You must keep in mind that breast augmentation takes a certain time to develop the final size of your breasts. The correct-sized bra that seems to be perfect after 4 weeks of the surgery may not be suitable after 3 months of surgery. The swelling of your breasts also influences the size of the breasts. 

So, we recommend you buy new bras in smaller quantities as these bras may not fit well after a few months. It will be good to purchase one or two bras just after the surgery and check if these fit you well after a few months then you can go forward to purchase them in bigger quantities. 

Here, we are going to provide a few factors that you must consider while choosing the postoperative bra:

1. The first bra post breast augmentation surgery:

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon will recommend you wear a surgical bra. This bra is specially designed with high-quality material and provides the best support to your breasts.

These surgical bras are designed in a way that they prevent the breast tissue from damaging. Surgical bras provide the right compression to promote optimal healing.

Also, these bras help to reduce swelling and accommodate drainage tubes very easily if you require them as well. 

After surgery, wearing the surgical bra is easier as you can open and close it from the front. You can easily put it on and take it off yet you experience soreness in your arms, chest, and shoulders after the breast augmentation surgery.

You can be advised to wear these bras both day and night for the first week or two just immediately following the procedure.

2. Take it slow:

When your surgeon shows you an all-clear signal and you are mostly healed, you can start to search for the bras that reflect your style and prominent your new-sized busts. But, you must keep in mind that you should not rush and store a ton of bras.

Yet, it can take a longer time for some women to get recovered completely and their busts settle into new normal after the augmentation surgery.

You can start with one or two new bras at this phase and you can keep your big excitement for a while.

3. Buying a bra in the right size:

When choosing the bra after breast augmentation, you should start with the cup size and it is the most essential to consider.

You must remember that the result of the breast augmentation procedure will develop gradually over time. You must keep patience while your implants will accommodate into their place and as your swelling subsides.

As a result, your breast size will fluctuate over time during the first several weeks. So, getting the right-sized bra immediately following the surgery seems to be difficult. We recommend you purchase the bras gradually. 

4. Measuring your breasts:

If you have any issue regarding your ideal bra size then you can immediately rush to a department store where the professionals of the lingerie department will help you to take the right measurement of your busts. Thus, you can realize which cup size will be appropriate for you. 

Also, if you are unable to rush to a departmental store then you can measure your breasts with your own. Here we are providing how:

  • You can use tape to measure both your band and bust size. To measure the band size, you can wrap the tape around your breasts and extend it beneath the breast cups. And to get the bust size you need to wrap the tape around the fullest part of your breasts, where the tape will go over the nipples.
  • Then you need to subtract the band size from the bust size. The number that you will get is your cup size. Specifically:

         O-inch difference-Cup size AA
         1-inch difference- Cup size A
          2-Inch difference-Cup size B
          3-Inch difference-Cup size C
          4-Inch difference-Cup size D
          5-Inch difference-Cup size DD
         6-Inch difference-Cup size DDD, F
         7-Inch difference-Cup size G

For instance, if your band size is 34 and your cup size is B then you should try a bra size of 34B.

Your bra size will alter every time your breasts heal and settle. So you must measure every time you are looking for purchasing a new bra.

5. To Underwire or not to underwire:

There is some debate regarding whether women with breast augmentation surgery should avoid wearing bras with unwires.

Unwire bras provide great support to your larger and newly implanted breasts, but normal bras with unwires are not designed in a way to provide great support to the enhanced busts.

But, many surgeons recommend you avoid unwiring bras completely until your breasts completely healed and recovered to their fullest.

As there is a chance to get irritation, itchiness, and pressure to be felt by the unwired bras over your breasts.

6. Nipple alert:

Various women report that their nipples become more sensitive and nipples are permanently erect after breast augmentation surgery. If you are among these women then you must go forward with a bra that has padding or consider a nipple cover. 

7. Support yourself:

You must look for one supportive bra that can distribute the new weight of your newly formed breasts evenly across your back, chest, and shoulders. If you take part in athletic activities or do workouts regularly you must wear a supportive sports bra

How can you know when your breast size is settled?

Post-Breast Augmentation Bra

You can realize that your breast size is settled when the swelling of the breasts will go away and the implants will achieve their position.

This makes you realize that it is the final size of your breasts. But you should remember that there is no hard and fast rule to realize. 

The recovery period varies from patient to patient. Some women also deal with more swelling than others.

However, you should keep in mind that swelling usually subsides within six weeks of breast augmentation. At this point, you can get a fairly good indication of your final breast size. 

Some more factors that you need to consider while choosing a bra after breast augmentation surgery:

While recovering from breast augmentation surgery, many women get confused about what type of bra to wear. Here, we are providing a brief detail on this fact.

Just following the breast surgery you must look for a bra that aids your recovery and provide the best support to the new breasts.

When looking for the best bra to buy immediately following the surgery, you should consider these few factors also:


You must look for a bra that is made of softer fabric like cotton. Cotton is a super stretchy fabric, and cotton aids to provide great comfort with flexibility.


The bra that you are going to pick, ensure that comes with adjustable straps and closures at the front side. So, you do not require to stretch or twist.


You must ask your surgeon how tight a bra should you wear immediately following the surgery. You can also ask your doctor how much support you will require from the bra after the surgery. 

Longer Lines:

You can choose a post-augmentation bra that comes with a longer band. This will make you feel less restrictive than a bra with a short band. A short banded bra is chafe and tight too. 


How do I choose a bra after breast augmentation?

Ans: To get a comfortable fit, you must opt for your cup size plus one. You must pick a bra that is made of good material, and provide enormous support to your breasts. You must be sure that your incisions are well protected. The bra that you choose must be snug to your chest, ensuring your implants are in place. You must remember that you must not go forward with a bra that is too tight to flatten the breasts. 

How tight your bra should be after breast augmentation surgery?

Ans: After your breast augmentation surgery, you should look for a bra that is snug but not too tight. You can check the tightness by inserting two fingers into the bra. If you can insert your fingers inside it very smoothly then you can go forward with that piece.

What bras you should avoid after breast augmentation?

Ans: You should avoid wearing underwire bras after breast augmentation surgery. Underwire bras provide great support to your breasts. but they can harm the tissue of your breasts during the recovery phases. The study wires can irritate your healing process. bras that do not have underwires will be much softer on your breasts and let your breasts get healed without irritation.

can I wear a sports bra instead of a surgical bra?

Ans: A sports bra is excellent while you are doing athletic activities but it can be restrictive when you are dealing with post-augmentation recovery. Due to the sports bra, your breasts can get swollen and a sports bra doesn’t leave any space for this. 


Immediately following the breast augmentation most patients want to celebrate their newly formed curves. This is completely understandable but we recommend you wait for a while during the recovery period. It can take several weeks or a few months to see the outcome of the surgery. During this phase, you must choose your bras according to your surgeon’s instructions.

While it is best to wear bras that will provide much support to the newly formed breasts but also you can go braless on occasion from around six weeks. Most of the women must wait till 3 months from the surgery to go out braless regularly. 

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